From the desk of Principal

Development of any society depends upon the dynamic nature of its education system. If the education system were dynamic, futuristic and challenging, it would lead to the development of the society and vice-versa. The development of education system depends on its planners, administrators, educationists and the teachers. That is why it is said that good teachers can change the fate of a nation. Transformation in the classroom can be brought out by effective and efficient teachers. To prepare effective and efficient teachers those can manage the society at speed of change; there is a need of dynamic, contingent and pragmatic teacher education system. Such a system can marine the education system according to the need of society and can prepare right kind of work force to face the future. The teacher is the maker, builder and the constructor of a nation as well as a country because the teacher has only the capacity to mould the students and help the students to express their inner experience and intelligence. So, teachers are literally the arbiters of a nation’s destiny. It is a matter of great pleasure to me being the principal of this esteem institute that is working to produce best teachers for the nation building. It is said to be that “No nation can rise beyond its teachers”. I am sure; college will produce excellent and skilled teachers.  

I appreciate all faculty members other non-teaching staff for their supporting role and welcome all the students who have joined this college to shape their future.

Dr. Dev Parkash