Lab Facilities

A lab with advanced full flagged loaded with latest equipments, hardware and software. Students can practice for the advanced technologies. Lab is also connected with high speed internet to facilitate students to connect to the world and access any online information required. 
Science Labs 
The Lab is equipped with various models different type of apparatus testing materials. Our physical chemistry Bio technology Laboratories have all the equipment in sufficient quantity so that each pupil teacher can perform his practical individually.
Curriculum Lab
This lab consists Atlas of India and Maps of India and world. In our Curriculum Laboratory also different types of aids, text books, reference books, magazines, maps, globes, chart, and models are found. So our Curriculum lab may be deferent as a from or group of rooms in which all written, audio-visual materials pertinent to the social studies instructors are contained.

Language Lab
Language laboratories along with social studies lab are highlighted for the institution as they are equipped with material presented by the NCTE.

Psychology Lab
The Psychology Laboratory is provided with apparatus for simple experiments related to educational psychology, personality skills, aptitude tests and interest inventories etc.
Computer Lab 
The college has established hi-tech state-of-art computers equipped with 5 latest versions P-IV, IBM branded network provided with 1 No. Server. All computers are LAN enabled and run on the latest software, hardware and are backed by UPS as standard.