"Education is the sovereign remedy for all economic ills" 
Education today is global in perspective and practice. Teachers and students have to keep themselves abreast of international developments in their own area of specialization, as well as in related fields. Therefore, it is imperative that educational institution should have access to global contacts. The institute of learning must run according to the tenets of modern scientific management as the business corporations are managed. 
Gramin College of Education welcomes students with good track record throughout their academic career. In course of their stay, we shall Endeavour to mould their character, transform their personality and adequately equip them with hard and soft skills so that they can meet the challenges and varying needs in the educational field. 
Gramin College of Education is one of the premier educational organizations dedicated to import quality education and promoting excellence in academic pursuits in the field of Teaching. This College is possessed with the objective of turning out high caliber Professionals to meet rapidly growing needs in the field of Teacher Training. 
This college provides excellent infrastructure with spacious classrooms, well equipped modern computer laboratories, equipments and Library as per required university norms.